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Expression in Ceramics
seeks to create a fun and relaxing experience that appeals to everyone.

Our family business, started in 1986, has truly become a family friendly asset to the Brooklyn community. We are art lovers in any of its expressions. Step into our studio and you enter a relaxing space, filled with warmth, music and a cultural flair.

You don’t have to be an artist. You don’t even need to be able to draw a straight line.Your interest alone enhanced by our many tools, techniques and knowledgeable staff, is enough to have a wonderful experience.At Expression in Ceramics there are so many ways to explore your creative expression.

Explore your creative expression by:

  • Create unique works for yourself or others.
  • Have parties in our studio or to go.
  • Have fundraising events.
  • Attend classes and workshops.

Relax, paint and have fun. We’ll clean up the mess.

Phone # 718-774-5466


Expression In Ceramics

Expression In Ceramics



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